7 February 1917 – Paul to Gertrude

07 Feb

c/o G.P.O.

Feb. 7th


My dear Mother,

Ever so many thanks for your letter – also for the sox & gloves – will you thank Ruth for me too – very kind of her indeed. Won’t be much use you writing to me next Sunday – because with any luck I ought to be home on the Wednesday – & that’s the day I get your letters here – so if you get this in time you might send me a card on Saturday. It will be a nuisance if Dick does’nt get his leave – I have’nt heard from him for some time now.

Awfully pleased to hear Nance is down again for the week end – does her a lot of good I think getting away from the stuffy office – She does’nt seem fearfully thrilled with her job – and wants to shift to go with Ben – but I told her everyone hated a new job they were not used to, at the start. I should like to hear from Ben about hers. I must say Nance has been awfully sweet & kind to Ben has’nt she, troubling so much about her an’ all.

We had another day’s skating last week – bitterly cold it has been here – & tons of snow – really the climb up to our pond was terrific – I could’nt stop laughing – & being so out of breath & standing up to our waists in snow & not being able to move.

I say I am sorry to hear about Sheina – that means I shan’t be able to see her I suppose during my leave- how sickening. I am glad you have heard from Jim. Oh & that is luck for you having found your little ring- of course I know the one you mean awfully well. I should think you were pleased to find it, and of course I can’t believe about that blue coat of Dick’s arriving like that! Coo! how perfectly extraordinary – specially in these days of lost parcels.

Gorgeous to think that this time next week I hope to be at Delaford. I ought to arrive in Town at some unearthly hour of 7 a.m. on the 14th – then I shall muck about in the forenoon & afternoon in Town & come home tea time-ish & bring Jane & Nance if possible. Anyway I shall definitely come home as I always do the first day. And I think we might have a “kroust” at home for the week-end – don’t you.

Yes I saw about Firman getting a V.C. splendid – & he thoroughly deserved it. He was in charge of the relief food supply ship to Kut, and all but got through I believe. Absolutely death & glory – but more certain death.

Just heard from Nance – she does love being down at Delaford.

I must end now. I will write again before I leave-

with best love to you all-

Your ever loving son


Both Ted and Paul did everything they could to ensure there was a close relationship between their fianceés and their mother by encouraging Nell and Nancy to visit her. All three were formidable women, in their different ways.

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