6 May 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

06 May

Order of St John of Jerusalem.

6 May 15

Dear Mother

I wrote you a p.c. today & have been looking for it everywhere, as I find I have time now to write a letter & I thought I’d tear up the p.c. but it does’nt matter.

Who d’you think came to see us today, the Prince of Wales. Absolutely informal, he just strode in, exactly like his pictures, in that mackintosh with the collar turned up & rather a rakish hat. He was very ordinary & talked to us all in the mess & someone came in & tapped someone on the shoulder & said “the Prince of Wales is just outside”; & he really was of course, but this chap thinking he was rotting, turned round & said “well tell him to stay there!” However I don’t think the Prince heard. He’s an awful handful as he will want to go wandering about in the firing trenches & dangerous places like that.

Prince of Wales c1915

Prince of Wales later Edward VIII c1915
(Source: Daily Mail)

So hot & muggy today, & very thundery too. Just met some fellows back from Ypres; they say these 17 inch shells of the Germans’ sound just like a motor ‘bus coming through the air, and make a hole 15 feet deep & 35 feet wide! One chap was standing by a gun & a huge shell burst right between his feet, & sent him sky high but did’nt wound him! but he collapsed from shock shortly afterwards, but will get all right they say-

I hear the Canadians did awfully well up there, as all the papers say; they were full of beans the whole time, & went again & again into action singing & shouting. Splendid they must have been.

Very late tonight so must finish up. We only came out of the trenches last night, & did’nt get in here till 3.30 a.m. & I got up at 7, so I am rather tired & sleepy as I have had a busy day. Very late, after 11 o’clock so I must go to bed

Best love to all

Yr loving son



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