6 January 1928 – Paul to Gertrude

13 Aug

Jan 6th                                               At Hankow

Dearest Mother

You’ll see that I am at Hankow – by my address. I got my leave all right & have really been having a most enjoyable time here- & the weather has been just wonderful- cold – but sunny & fresh – so I have got back all my old colour & am feeling fine. I do lots of riding & golf- & everyone is very kind.

Of course there were great Christmas festivities – parties, dances etc. They all seem to have one long holiday about this time.

I have met all my old friends & there are one or two gunboats here as well- I live ashore in a flat. I have seen our new Admiral & he has been most kind & has given me leave till next Thursday – but I doubt if I get back to Chunking yet awhile – as the River is so low – there are no steamers running.

I’ve been spending a good deal of my time here in the dentist’s chair – slight argument between him & the Doctor – about taking 6 out!! I don’t know who has won yet!

I have had a few letters from you – but they all arrived together Nov 10th Dec 6th & another one 11th Dec- I managed to stop the latter on its way to Chunking – one of them was an answer to mine about Nance & I am afraid you are terribly cut up about it – but you are all being wonderfully kind to me – Joan & Paddy, and I know they will be looked after & be comfortable.

Poor Nannie must have had a rotten time & I do regret not having written to her – but I simply found I could’nt at that moment – very difficult really – because I suppose she knows more about it than anyone else, & naturally I should want to ask her masses of questions etc- which, in a way- would be unfair, But truly she has behaved in a wonderful way through it all & deserves every praise & my thanks for looking after the children  – so I am writing to her – I have not heard from the Swan family yet – but of course my letters now are running about all over the place – & I may not get any till I get back to the Widgeon. I’ve had ripping letters from Ben & Ruth-

Your Christmas household sounded too lovely & you must have had a splendid time with all your grandchildren there. I hope they were all very good-

What an awful blizzard & storms you had though – I have been reading lots of wireless telegrams etc – about it all – snow & floods – & Guildford was mentioned, something about 2 buses being snow drifted- Really it all made most unomfortable reading – I hope everything has subsided a bit by now!

I never knew Hilda was being married – or rather is married by now. Must have been a great party from No. 20 & Joan & Paddy thoroughly enjoying themselves – being very important-

Everyone seems to have coughs out here – do hope you were all right before Christmas-

My best love to you all & now I know Joan & Paddy are all safe with you – my heart is much higher. Give them all my love

Your ever loving son


Paul’s comment “Nannie… knows more about it than anyone else” suggests that Nancy had an affair. I am not aware that she married again and this is not a family genealogy project so I have not tracked down their divorce records, assuming they still exist. Paul is right, Nannie would have been in an extremely difficult position.


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