6 December 1914 – Ted to Dreda

06 Dec
    Dec 6th

Dear Dryden I’ve just thought of a good idea, could Delaford send me a cake every week, as they are so useful we seldom see cake & it’s a darned handy thing for tea. Just mark the parcel “cake” & it will roll up whereever I am. Nothing much doing today it was a gorgeous morning, lovely winter day with a frost, but it’s clouded over since & will I suppose turn to snow soon.

2 or 3 of our aeroplanes have been flying about above us all the morning, awfully pretty against the blue sky. It must be awfully cold up there I should think. O yes, another thing I want is a pair of khaki putties, Fox’s patent spiral, as worn with home service khaki; I want the thin sort, not the great thick cloth ones; could you get a pair & send them out d’you think. Thanks awfully, I hope my new khaki turns up soon. I got a letter from mother yesterday, dated Nov 29th.

Tons of love


Delaford was the family home. Presumably Ted’s idea was that the cook would make the cake and his mother or sisters would post it.

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