6 April 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

06 Apr

April 6th



Dear Mother.  Many thanks for your letter (March 5.)  No one seems to have had a letter from me the mail you wrote, I think I was at sea. The snow at home has been awful from all accounts. I am glad France does Jim no harm, he only takes drafts over does’nt he. Ben has’nt written to me lately either.

The Zep raids were awful were’nt they, but I suppose everyone was awfully pleased they shot that one down in the Thames. What a good thing. How funny Susan should love the snow so.

I wonder if that was me in that picture Ruth sent. May have been. Topher seems to have had a rotten time, I do hope he found his pack. I had a John Bull from you, many thanks. Was that the one you thought would make me laugh.

That cutting about those forceps was most interesting. Why Jim in gaiters & spurs. Where’s his horse?

I am riding again now. The races come off next week & I have a mount or two. L’or I was stiff after my first ride, but it all went off in a day. You see we get lots of tennis, so I’m in fairish training. However I doubt if I shall last out the long hurdles race, over a mile, & I believe the horse I am to ride has a good chance.

I told you I bought a motor bike the other day. I gave about £12 for it. It would just go, a “Cathorpe”, & I’ve been fairly tinkering & cleaning it up since. Had the valves ground in & fixed up, & the tank repainted & now it looks so smart & goes so well I ought to get twice as much for it! There’s a big demand for them here.

Evelyn tells me you sent her a postcard saying I had gone to Bombay. Many thanks

I’ve heard nothing yet so far about my application for a move.

Best love to all, I must stop as the mosquitoes are biting me.

Your loving son


Please send a big photograph to

Mrs H.C. Laws
Dum Duma P.O
Upper Assam

I had a photograph taken there.

You shall see my moustache


Details of downed Zeppelin

Biography of pilot who helped down it

Photo of wreckage

Painting: St. George and the Dragon, 1917, IWM

Calthorpe motorcycles

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