4 April 1917 – Paul to Gertrude

04 Apr

c/o G.P.O.

Wednesday. 4th


Dearest Mother. Very many thanks for your letter. So glad you have heard from Ted, I expect he is having quite an exciting time out in Mesopotamia.

I wonder what these Yankees are going to do now they have joined in! I expect we shall get a certain amount of financial support to start with – & they say there are at least 8 million Germans in U.S.A. – whatever will happen to them.

I saw all about the Tyndareus – & heaps of pictures – especially in the Sunday Papers – of her being towed into the Port. I think the Middlesex were really splendid the way they behaved – & so lucky they were mined so close to the shore.

Did’nt realize there was so much snow in the heavens-! awful the amount that has been coming down lately – even to-day it is lovely & fine & no wind – it was down that steady sort of stuff at intervals.

I thought perhaps you might cull some information from the Davids – but I suppose it must be super secret- I wrote to Gordon the other day & congratulated him.

Another quiet week end for you. I’m glad to hear Mr McCulloch is all right again. I must drop him a line. Nance is fearfully pleased with that bead butterfly – gorgeous she says it is. She still seems to have that cold of hers hanging about her – must be such a nuisance – olly hard to get rid of in this sort of weather though.

I do hope Ben & Jane will be able to get down to you for Easter – a pity if no one allowed to travel.

Nance sent me the prints of the family groups the other day – I’ve mounted them & pass partouted them all together- they look awfully nice. Slightly dispersed again now are’nt we?-

Awfully little news – I am ever so fit and well.

This will be an Easter letter – so I wish all at home a very Happy Easter Mother, and let us hope nd pray the next one may be happier still for all of us.

With much love to you all –

from ever your loving son


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