31 January 1917 – Paul to Gertrude

31 Jan

c/o G.P.O.

Wednesday. 31st Jany


My dear Mother- So pleased to get your letter – I did’nt write to you till last Thursday 25th because your letter did not arrive till then- I expect you have it by now. This week the Sunday letters are earlier – as I generally don’t get yours till Thursday.

I have had a line from Dick, he says he’s put in for his leave from the 10th & will let me know as soon as he can. I don’t expect I shall be home till 2 or 3 days later- still he hopes to get a fortnight and I am hoping for about 10 days, so things ought to turn out all right.

I am awfully glad to hear Nance was down for the week end- I heard from her to-day and she simply loved it.

We have actually had some skating up here- we found a small lake on top of a hill – a tiring walk up – but quite worth it when you get there. We have violent games of ice hockey – huge fun it is. Coo – but my ankles get tired.

So glad to hear there is news of Jim – but they seem to be going a long way round – one thing though – they are safe from submarine areas now – which is the best news of the lot.

Ben does seem to have a career with her jobs – poor child it must be worrying for her. Nance told me she had given her some addresses of jobs – but I have heard no results as yet.

We had our commissioning dinner the other night – we commissioned you know just this time last year. We only had the Captain to dine in the mess -afterwards we danced and had a sing song.

Must write to Rosamond- I am glad to hear her thumb is all right again.

Wonder if those sox arrived allright. Oh and can I send my washing home the week before I come on leave – then iit will be clean for me when I come home. It was a brain wave I thought of the other day.

My best love to you all- from your ever loving son


After spending 1916 wooing Nancy, Paul sent Nancy to Guildford a lot in 1917 so she could woo his mother. Gertrude was to be a difficult mother-in-law for at least some of her sons- and daughters-in-law, and Paul was wise to make sure that Nancy won her over. Ted followed a similar strategy with Nell. And of course both Ted and Paul adored their mother and would have wanted their wives to adore her too.

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