30 May 1916 – Paul to Gertrude

30 May


c/o G.P.O.

May. 30th


Dear Mother       Very many thanks for your letter – Yes – you will get mine sooner now as we have shifted billets to a more civilized part of the world, which is rather nice; & the weather is too lovely for words – so hot. I hope to be playing some tennis & cricket shortly-

I had 2 parsons to dinner with me last night – one Carey by name – a war parson, a most priceless fellow – he took on Father Stanton’s job at Holborn – the straightest talker I’ve ever heard – I have come rather pally with him – the other was the parson in the Light cruisers – the Gloucester man – & they were fearfully keen to meet one another – so I said the best thing is to both come & dine with me –

They seemed to both thoroughly enjoy themselves. So I am slightly “in” with the Church at present.

Rather nice for the girls to all go to Bognor – gorgeous down there now I should think-

Yes. I saw about McKinnon in the times – but was’nt certain. I am sorry.

With my best love to you all

Your ever loving son

Paul – Carey was a naval chaplain, present at the Battle of Jutland on the Warspite. He was also a rugby player, a mixture of things that was bound to appeal to Paul.

It’s hard to tell where the Malaya was before and after they “shifted billets”. I think Paul had certainly been at Scapa Flow in Orkney when he was on the Gloucester, and I tihnk the Malaya was now in Rosyth, but cannot be certain without researching the naval records, and few of the relevant ones are online.

It’s interesting that there is no hint that they were preparing for the battle of Jutland, which was to take place the next day.

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