30 January 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

30 Jan


Very sorry but I was interrupted yesterday by a job of work so must carry on today. Well those aeroplanes were careering about all the morning, and of course the only anti aircraft gun had been moved away the day before. However he was fairly close by, & had simply heaps of shots at the planes, but never bagged one. It was pretty to watch, as the sky was a gorgeous winter blue, & the hundreds of little white puffs of smoke looked awfully nice against it, & the planes buzzing about, not taking any notice.

None of them were hit, & shortly afterwards some of ours turned up from nowhere apparently and all the Germans cleared off. They evidently found something as that evening they put a lot of shells right into a battery close to us, but I don’t know if they did any damage or not.

We were relieved last night,  & have come about 2 miles back only, in reserve, which is’nt much fun as one has to be constantly ready to go anywhere and do anything. Another gorgeous day, cold, frosty & clear & that lovely blue sky. Aeroplanes are again all over the place, but all ours today, no German ones.

I got chilblains this time in the trenches, but as we were only there 4 days they did’nt get very bad, & are much better today. We had a quietish time, though just south of us all that heavy fighting was going on, and I suppose they were too busy to worry us. There is a huge gun firing quite close to where we are billeted, & every time it fires the whole house shakes. Must finish up now, best love to all from your loving son


The “job of work” that interrupted Ted the day before was being relieved and leaving the trenches at Richebourg St Vaast to march to Vielle Chapelle, according to Drake-Brockman in his book “With the Royal Garhwal Rifles in the Great War 1914-1917”.

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