29 July 1918 – Richard to Gertrude

29 Jul



Dear Mother.

Many thanks for your letter (June 30). People seem to have their letters numbered out here. This one of mine is No 1, & I have noted it. So number & note yours & we can tell which is sunk!

You seem to have had a big house party the Sunday you wrote. I expect E Hatch has left Guildford by this time. How nice having Evelyn Drewe down, I expect you’ll like her the more you see of her.

The eyeglasses have’nt arrived, suppose they came by parcel post & got sunk.

They seem to have had strenuous times with the bath that Sunday. I wonder if you will ever find those papers of mine.

I am anxious to see the photograph Miss Tudor took, they must have all gone to Devonshire by now I suppose.

Still boiling hot here. I must go & look at the sights I think soon. Not far & it’s a pity to be in the Holy land & not see them all. I will take my camera & send you some pictures.

Best love to all

yr loving son



39 Indian General Hosp       EEF

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