28 March 1917 – Paul to Gertrude

28 Mar

c/o G.P.O.

Wednesday. 28th


My dear Mother.

Very many thanks for your letter – they seem to arrive much quicker these days – only two days in the post.

Nance has arrived home allright – I heard yesterday- but says she’s till got her cold hanging about. I don’t think London suited her very much & the sooner she can get that farm job the better, I say – Must take some arranging I should imagine

Dick & Topher have’nt got much time these days to write at all I should’nt think – the papers say the cavalry are incessantly on the move- how pleased they all must be to get on their horses again.

Nothing much in the way of news up here. I’ve started off the rehearsals for our new show – so most of my spare time is taken up with that now.

Measles again seems fairly rife – fashionable one might say-! I hear Jane’s pal – Ned McCulloch has got it now – sickening for him – what with one leg & measles.

Vile weather we are having at present- much colder than I’ve known it before up here. You seem to have had quite a week end last time-

Will you tell Oldfield to send me ½ dozen pairs of those ribbed socks – like the pair Ruth gave me for Xmas – she knows the kind – blue or black – I don’t mind which- also some more of those cotton gloves from Timothy Whites.  I enclose 2s/6d – I think they are 4d or 6d a pair – the short ones- not gauntlets-

My best love to you all – from ever your loving son



Just remembered – have you found out how Gordon Campbell got his V.C. D.S.O. & promotion etc. I asked you last time. I happened to say I knew him quite well & our Captain said “oh well you can easily find out – I want to know”-

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