27 May 1915 – J M Shaw to Ted

27 May


By the way- the C.O. has
asked me to tell you that
your Mess Bill is Fr 11.50
(say 9/-) Could you send P.O.
Sorry to trouble you but C.O. &c.

My dear Berryman

I was pleased to get your letter of the 23rd & glad to hear you are making satisfactory progress. I thought I told you in my previous letter what happened after you left. The attack failed & we lost roughly 7 killed, 46 missing & 103 wounded. Rogers was wounded in the attack just 15 yards from our trenches, no other B.O. was hit. Rogers I believe has a painful wound in the ankle but I think is getting along nicely. He is now at No 1 London General Hospital, St Gabriel’s College, Camberwell, London.

The regiment went back again to the trenches last night. Etherton is sick away with measles & Fox is doing Adjutant. They apparently had a narrow escape yesterday as a “Jack Johnson” fell just by the side of their (C.O. & Fox) dugout & took away a part of the side. Burton has been temporarily transferred to assist the 154th Highland Brigade of the Highland Division. As you may guess we are short of B.Os & the battalion is divided up now into three double Cos. Your kit & rucksack are being sent off immediately to Messrs Cox & Coy with instructions to reforward to your home address. I am having the rucksack put in your valise for safety’s sake, as en route I believe there are some people who have light consciences &c., shall be glad to hear from you as soon as received.

I have no other news – am just going off to the trenches with the rations – everything seems so changed now, so few of the B.O’s left. Blair has come back to take charge of a double Coy.

Must really hurry now- excuse scrawl in haste. Look after yourself & stay away as long as you can & keep fit.

Best regards   cheer oh!

Yours ever

J.M. Shaw.

I am amused by how modern J.M.Shaw sounds when he says “Sorry to bother you, but C.O. etc”. Because time-shift. 

&c is etc
Fr are Francs.
P.O. is a Postal Order.
B.O. is a British Officer.

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