26 September 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

26 Sep


Sept 26/16

Dear Mother

I’ve just got 8 days’ leave & Guy Mainwaring and I are going off to loaf primarily & just to shoot a few birds when we feel inclined. We go off tomorrow Thursday & come back on Monday, so I thought I’d just write a line tonight to catch the mail.

We’ve had 3 wretched days of rain, but it looks clearer tonight & I do hope it clears up a bit and at least lets us reach our camp dry. Yes, Jim wrote to me about his coming to India scare, but I’ve heard nothing more, so presume it has gone the way of most scares. Dick’s cable must indeed have made you think a bit, but by now I suppose you probably heard from him; they kept him out here long enough in all conscience did’nt they, after telling him to fly off at once. He must have stayed 3 weeks or more in Bombay before he sailed. How typical of Jim all the wedding arrangements seem to have been, so mysterious an’ all at first, & then asking a lot of people!

So sorry Dryden was seedy that day & I s’pose she’s quite all right now. Yes, I expect that parcel you mention was one I sent her. What exciting times England is having now, & 2 Zepps being brought down is good news, but it’s horrible to read of all those poor innocent people being killed. I wish they’d let us know more of the actual damage done. What are the Greeks doing! They are fools indeed, & the laughing stock of the world, & they’ve fairly let themselves in now by their silly vacillating policy hitherto, and serve ’em jolly well right.

I hope Jane managed to get a pal to help her when Chubbie was away. Very sad about Basil Hallam being killed, he was a distinct type, & do you remember how everyone used to write to the papers & say why does’nt he go? They must feel rather sorry now, because after all he went quite soon enough & was doing a lot to keep the spirits of the nation up before he went.

But where pray is the Dudmans’ property which you say was smashed up? I presume you mean in London, though I did’nt know they had any there.

Lots of love to all from your loving son


“Gilbert the Filbert” from The Passing Show 1915

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