24 January 1915 – Ted to Jane (a verse about his Leave)

24 Jan

(Postmarked 24 Jan 15)

Dear Jinny, I’ve just got your letter
And parcel containing my purse;
Yes, thank you, my cold is much better,
At least it’s not got any worse.

You remark how delightful it was, Jane,
Your Brother from France to see;
Don’t say any more, please; because, Jane,
It was far more delightful for me.

It was ripping to meet you again, dear,
After nearly four years in the East,
Far away from the mud & the rain, dear,
(The water, I mean, – not the beast!)

Far away from alarms & excursions
From a bathless existence of grime,
Thanks to all of your noble exertions
I just had the hell of a time!

I’ve of course often had leave before, dear,
For a month, or a week, or a night;
And it’s sometimes been rather a bore, dear,
And others been fairly all right.

But THIS was a good’un and sweet ’un,
and for solid enjoyment I claim
Those five days can never be beaten,
The crême – so to speak – de la crême!

There’s Jim – now I hadn’t seen Jim for
Twelve years – or was it thirteen?
And I wouldn’t have missed seeing him for
A sum that would ransom a Queen:

Started this when I got back but never finished it! & have’nt got time now. Send along that hair stuff Jinny as I hate being old Baldie! Freezing tonight.

Write soon.

Lots of love from


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2 responses to “24 January 1915 – Ted to Jane (a verse about his Leave)

  1. Tamsin

    24 January, '15 at 11:23

    Oh, bless him! And the groan-making pun “rain, dear”. And, poor man, he did go bald very early. Slang for a hair-parting was apparently a “bug walk” – and he used to say he had a “bug parade-ground”.

  2. Family Letters

    24 January, '15 at 16:58

    In his letter home during February he is alternately tryng to convince himself that the hair restorer is working, and that going into the trenches is good for his cold. Bless him.


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