23 February 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

23 Feb

Feb 23/15

Dear Mother

very many thanks for the Cake which arrived today and is much appreciated by the mess. We are out in the trenches again now, we came out on the 21st, & I believe we stay in 1 or 2 more days, but it’s not quite certain.

Things are fairly quiet here, though the Germans shell us a good deal, without however having done much damage so far. There was a good deal of rifle fire today, & Major Mac & I were caught right out in the open, on our way up to the front trenches! It was fearfully muddy & heavy going up so we could’nt go very fast. They were’nt shooting at us actually, as I don’t think they could see us, but at our front trenches, & all the bullets missing them of course came on to us! However nothing happened, but it was’nt exactly pleasant. You get an awfully good view of the German trenches from ours, & the country all round is in a mess, mud everywhere, trenches, ditches, barbed wire, parapets, ruined houses & other awful things all over the place. And I suppose we’ve got to advance over all this some day soon!

It’s been very cold & foggy these last 2 days, but there are signs of spring everywhere. Is’nt it splendid Lumb & Lane getting the Military Cross? Ben will be awfully bucked about Fred Lumb. He’s home in England now sick with a knee; tell Ben to write to the Willows, Marsham, Norfolk. Best love to all. Ask Jane to send another bottle of hair wash please.

Your loving son  Ted

Many thanks for Tatler, send another-

British Listed Buildings – The Willows, Marsham, Norfolk

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