23 August 1916 – Ted to Gertrude – 2nd Letter

23 Aug


Aug 23/16

Dear Mother

I wrote you a line this morning, & now the mail has come in & I have just got your letter dated August 2nd, for which many thanks. Also the enclosures about Wiggs; pathetic reading but how splendidly he died, and what a general favourite he must have been. Thanks most awfully for sending them; I am so vastly relieved to hear he died quickly; I knew he must have died bravely.

I heard from Ben too; & I must try & answer her letter if possible this mail; but as it leaves tomorrow I shall be rather pushed. Poor child; I feel as if it would take me years to get over my sorrow for her.

So glad Ruth is going in for war work as apparently the demand for nurses is tremendous now. And Ben too, the very best thing she could do, & what a splendid nurse she will make. Nell tells me they wanted to move her from Gloster to another hospital, but they have changed that now and she is putting in extra time at the Gloster hospital instead. Apparently Mr & Mrs Fielding are very depressed about their son in the Gunners in France; I wish they would take an example from you; for you have many more to think about & yet you never show anything; you’re just splendid, mother, & I’m very proud of you.

Right; many thanks for the bureau cheque; I have asked Cox to send you £12 this mail; if the £11-5 excluded carriage, the rest can go to pay Betsers Bill for Boots. If not, please let me know & I’ll send some more. It sounds a lovely bureau, but Nell does’nt mention it in her letters, so I suppose it had’nt turned up. Apparently she has been wanting one for years, so it’s rather a lucky shot of mine.

Raining again now, after a very nice fine week. I am supposed to be teaing out, but I shan’t go if it pours like it is now.

On land & water has turned up from you I see; many thanks, I have’nt opened it yet.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


I’m very fit & well, but rather bored! Any amount of work though.

I see the bureau was £11-15, so am sending £12-10; NOT £13!

Betsers engravers

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