22 March 1918 – Ted to Gertrude

22 Mar

March 22/18


Dear Mother

No mail in yet, though I believe it is quite close by; but of course they are using all available transport to bring up rations & supplies & ammunition etc, so the poor old mail is left to look after itself pro tem. I expect you have seen the Reuters in the papers about events in our part of the world lately. There has been no real excitement yet, except for our aeroplanes, who go raiding, but there may be some goings on shortly I believe. Anyhow we are still well back, though we go on a bit tomorrow.

It’s still very cold here, especially when that N.W. wind blows, it’s really awfully cold then. And we have had a fair amount of rain, I got wet through and dry again 3 times the other day! Road-scraping & mending is still the general order of the day, though I trust our march tomorrow will give us a bit of a rest from this rather dull job. We leave our tents here tomorrow & probably won’t see them for a week or so. I do hope it keeps fine.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ben all this week, and I’m longing to get letters telling me all the news. We seem to be doing wonderful things in the air on the Western front, & have bombed Coblentz I see, very successfully too it appears. Paris has been the centre of attraction from the Hun lately it seems.

Excuse a short scrappy letter, but there’s no news, & I must leave you to guess where we are. It should’nt be hard, if the telegrams are the same in the home papers as in the “Baghdad Times” out here, as several places you know I have been in & around all this winter are mentioned-

Very fit & well- Leave opens on 7th April, but no further news about English leave yet, so I can tell you nothing about that either!

Best love to all

yr loving son


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