22 June 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

22 Jun

June 22/16


Dear Mother

We were expecting the English mail today, but I fancy the boat was late at Bombay so I suppose that’s why. It’s always frightfully disappointing when you expect the mail and it does’nt turn up.

There’s absolutely no news this week; it’s done nothing but rain hard the whole time, really hard & we have’nt seen the sun for a week. I always hate the rains, everything is always so damp & generally unpleasant.

I wish we could hear some more news about the naval Battle; we heard a good deal at first, but since then things have been very quiet and we are still anxiously waiting Jellicoe’s full report. It seems the Germans must have suffered very heavily and isolated scraps of information keep on leaking out. What a splendid victory it was, was’nt it & how proud you must be that Paul took part in it. I don’t suppose he’s been able to tell you much about it as yet.

I’ve written to Ruth to tell her to get herself a present, something really nice, when she starts at Guy’s; anything up to 3 guineas or so I’m quite ready to give.

I hope Cox sent you the money; he told me he had sent it last mail, but things take a long time to get home nowadays & one is never certain about things arriving at all. The Pink papers roll up regularly and are much appreciated, as we don’t take them in the mess.

I hoped to hear in today’s letters from home that Topher had got his leave, he certainly deserves it poor boy; I hope he’s got over his flu all right. Any more news of Jim going out?

I enclose Sir John French’s farewell order to the Garhwal Bde, the only Brigade in the Indian Corps that got one from him; he gives us his personal thanks you notice, which is a great compliment. Please keep this amongst the family archives.

Hope you’re all fit & well at home. I’m going strong; rather bored & very busy still. Excuse a dull letter.

Love to all

yr loving son


Please give Ben the enclosed picture of a bureau, I’m thinking of giving Nell one something like this.

I met a Mrs Sherring up here, who was one of the Wrights at Frimley Hall. I think Ben met her in 1914.


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