22 August 1926 – Paul to Gertrude

18 Jun

Via Siberia.

H.M.S. Widgeon



West China


22nd Aug


My Dearest Mother-

Still no letters – but we heard a few days ago that 35 Tons of mails was lot in a steamer coming up the river – she caught fire & was completely burned out – & 2 bags of ours were there – so that’s that – dreadful I think losing mails. I am sure there must have been a whole heap of letters for me. – Now this filthy river has broken its banks lower down & flooded the country & no steamer can run – so will be no mails for ages.-

I had quite a cheery week end – I went and stayed up in the Hills with some people – really rather nice up there – but an awful nuisance getting there and back – you get carried up in a chair – by 4 coolies. The Widgeon played the Community at Cricket on Saturday – & we beat them easily 146 to 5. An apology for a ground – but great fun. I made 68 – very rattled to start with as I was expected to make runs – but it was’nt very difficult.-

Troublous times ahead I fear – these Chinese seem to be continually waging war & another one is in sight – I am going up the river this week sometime – to show the flag & try & suppress some boycotting & commandeering of British ships – but they do it all over the river – so I really don’t know where to go to help.

I’ve been riding again & playing tennis – & this place would be very nice if it were more peaceful – it’s rotten at present.

Hope everyone is very fit at home.- my best love to you all

ever your loving son



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