21 January 1917 – Richard to Gertrude

21 Jan

Dear Mother.  Many thanks for sending the boots. I think you said you had sent my blue suit to Lesley Roberts & my great coat. If not please send it to them & get it pressed. Also ask Dreda to send to that shop where you get O.F. ties & get one for me. Can you give her the money. I dunno’ when I shall get home but I want to wangle it same time as Paul. I’ve got no respectable uniform at all, & I shall have to wear mufti.

Topher is quite happy with me I think. He’s awful fed up as he gets no letters nowadays!

I will write to Lesley & Roberts & tell them to get my mufti ready.

Best love to all

yr loving son




Quite forgot I must have dress shirts & collars got ready. Please have all those dress shirts of mine done up, some are Paul’s I know but get them done as well, then there’ll be no mistake. Also those collars of mine    There are some that came home in my kit           like this with 14 not 14½ inside. You need’nt get the 14½ washed, also my white waistcoats. Don’t send them to the wash, but to a shirt dresser, they do these things so much better & one does’nt economise on leave. It would’nt be a bad idea to send my dress clothes to Lesley & R with the dinner jacket & tell them to press them.

I daresay my dress shirts are in the black tin box I left behind.

All this most important.

Any dress ties get ’em washed

Remember your manners, Richard. Say “please”.  (Mufti is civilian kit, ie clothes that aren’t army uniform).


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