20 September 1927

15 Jul

This letter picks up almost a year after the last one left off.


20th Sept.


Dearest Mother-

We have arrived up in Chunking again – after a very quiet trip- No shootings. We stayed at Wanhsien for a day- and it being fairly near the anniversary of the bombardment – the people naturally rather resented us being there – but up here everything is very peaceful and quiet- no Avenging Societies – no strikes and we get all we want in the way of food / coal etc. I don’t quite know how long we shall stay – all depends if the British firms run their ships again – which I think it rather doubtful-

I have seen the Chinese Generals up here – so called friends of a year ago – all very affable-

We are very quiet here – as there are only 3 British residents & I hope a few more will return sooner or later.

I shall have to go down to Ichan or Hankow sometime or other because I rather think I am going to one of the new gunboats – Peterel & to do her maiden trip up the River – I am muchly looking forward to it. – sometime next month I expect.

We get very little news up here – but good to-day – I hear there is a mail arriving on Friday for us-

Still very hot out here – & I am rather looking forward to the cooler weather – I simply can’t get rid of my prickly heat-

Hope everyone at home is flourishing – my best love to you all from your ever loving son


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