2 December 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

02 Dec

Dec 2/16


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter last mail, dated Nov 1st. Thanks awfully for sending off the sword & Coat. What awful nonsense it seems does’nt it, not being able to send arms by post. But it was a bright idea to send it through Cox, because if they can’t do it I should’nt think anyone can. The Coat is badly needed, as it is bitterly cold here in the evenings & mornings, & I only have an old British warm which is warm enough but very shabby. But I hope it arrives soonish as I hear this place begins to warm up in March or thereabouts.

Delhi is very full now, and invitations are beginning to roll in, at least I have dined out 3 nights this week, not very exciting and I’m not a great diner out, but I don’t see how one is to get to know anybody otherwise. We go about in the car a good deal, & I am playing tennis pretty often, but we have lots of work to do & don’t have really much time for recreation. I have met heaps of fellows I know here and have’nt seen for years, but there are hundreds of people I don’t know of course.

I had a line from Dick last mail in France; he seems to be very glad he’s got to France at last, I wonder how he will like the cold. Still I suppose he won’t be up much, being with cavalry, but will be mostly behind, unless they do a huge push & break through with the cavalry. Roumanian news not very good is it, but something big will have happened by the time you get this. But I don’t think any successes in Roumania will help the Germans much, as the R’s have had heaps of time to remove or destroy most of their stuff.

Topher seems to be having a gay time in the Flanders mud; I suppose it’s just as bad as ever, though I should think they’ve got the place rather better drained now, but any amount of drains are’nt much use in that flat fen country.

What a treat for Jim if he gets a job with the Portuguese army & a jolly good thing too I should think, as he will be on the Staff and be quite a tin hat. Every letter from home seems to refer to his final leave, but it never seems to come off! Two more Zepps down in the North I see; how wonderfully our defences must have increased & improved in the last year.

Thanks awfully for sending my purple scarf out, it will be most useful here. What a brain wave you had in the middle of the night about my swords; yes, it’s a good thing to put a little vaseline on as a sea voyage is always apt to rust them, though mine is a plated hilt so should’nt rust.

Our mail is very late this week, & only reaches Bombay today, 3 or 4 days overdue, so we shan’t get our mail for 3 days yet, that’ll be 10 days since the last one.

I believe this is the Christmas mail, so I must wish you & all the family the usual things, & pray God the New Year will be a bright one and see the end of this ghastly business. I am sending you some more of those rugs as you seem so pleased with the last lot, & hope you’ll find a place for them.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


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