19 November 1927 – Paul to Gertrude

30 Jul

HMS Widgeon





Dearest Mother-

Many thanks for your letter 25th Sep – I notice you put c/o G.P.O. on the envelope – & no “Via Siberia” – It really does’nt matter how you address my letters really – as long as you put “Via Siberia” – then they come quicker – otherwise they come by the oversea route.

Things are very quiet still up our way- though there is another big war going on in the Hankow area – & there seems to be a lot of trouble down that way – but our Chinese up here are so called “friendly” with the side that is winning at present – so consequently we are not worrying – and personally I am on very friendly terms with these generals here. They are not so bad if you treat them the right way-

I have seen lots of pictures in the illustrated papers of the Falklands Battle Film – must be simply marvellous, & I should like to see it.

I have recovered more or less from my flue now – & am back to duty. But I had a very rotten 10 days. I got so thin & weak the Dr told me afterwards he was rather rattled at one time – when my temp went down to 95º – & I had had no food for 3 days! However all’s well now & am gaining flesh daily-

The mails are a bit better now – as we have one or two ships running on the Upper River.

Cold weather is coming on now-

my best love to you all

Your ever loving son




Documentary on Battle of the Falkland Islands, 1914

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