18 November 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

18 Nov

Nov 18


Dear Mother  I got the disc & gloves alright. Open my luggage when it comes & have my field boots looked after. Get Capon to put an ordinary shoe tree in the foot & stuff the legs with paper. There are some films in that camera that want developing. Dunno’ what they’ll be like.

The breeches have come but the others are’nt mine & in case you send that British warm, that’s not mine either! I got the               & bystander.

Believe I’m off again.

Best of love to all

Yr loving son


I keep having to remind myself that as a medic, Richard would have seen and heard far worse horrors and far more of them than Paul and Ted put together. But really, would it have hurt to write a “thank you” for the things his mother had sent him and a “please” for the things he was asking her to do?  And we’ve just seen him write a charming letter to his sister. Perhaps that’s it. He’s used up all his charm on his sisters and their prettiest friends. 

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