18 April 1917 – Paul to Gertrude

18 Apr

c/o G.P.O.

Wednesday. 18th


My dear Mother,

Very many thanks for your letter. I am awfully sorry to hear you have had such a bad cold. I know so well how you lose your voice – but I am glad you are ever so much better again. You must take more care of yourself Mother; but you always will insist on going on working in the indefatigable way that you do – even when you are seedy – and that is why I am so pleased about Jane going home now & looking after you a bit & perhaps she won’t allow you to do too much. This weather is really appalling – the amount of snow an’ all- Every day it has snowed up here for the last 6 weeks – at sometime or other.

I can’t seem to realize that Babs Davids is engaged – she seems to me to still be in short skirts & about 15 – tho Dreda tells me that she is 19! Yes I will write to her & congratulate her. I wrote to Dolly Fox yesterday – awfully sad about old Mrs Fox.

We’ve started our mess on rations now – at least – we commence next month – up to date they have’nt restricted the services very much – but we are starting it more or less on our own to see what we can do- much the best thing I think.

Is’nt the western news priceless these days. I really do think we have got the Huns rattled and they seem bound to go back if we can follow them quick enough. So pleased to hear Dick & Topher are still allright. I had a short line from Jim the other day – dated March 1st – he said he was having a lovely time in Cape Town – they are all such heroes.

I am awfully fit and well and I do hope you are allright again Mother.

With best love to you all

from your ever loving son


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