17 August 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

17 Aug

DIDCOT.    !!

Aug 17th/15


Dear Mother

Really, I’ve never known anything like this show! I left Salisbury today at 2.20, arrived Churn about 5, walked into the H.Q. office there to find Jos Lane of my regiment sitting there!! He came home from France some time ago, sick, & is doing light duty at home, and is doing staff officer to this division, the South Midland Divn..We had a long talk, & he said he was sorry he could’nt keep me, but he had orders to send me on to join the 3 Bn: of the 5th Gloucesters, at Gloucester!

There was absolutely no accommodation at Churn, so I came on as far as this tonight, & am going on to Gloucester tomorrow. I believe the Rgt: is out in camp, so I have got to chase them still further. I believe they are the very worst of bad terriers, who know absolutely nothing, & my services have been placed at their disposal. Heaven knows what I’m going to teach them! Let’s hope they believe everything I tell them.

I don’t know what my address will be; I get to Gloucester about midday, & will write from there. Tell Jane to write to Kathleen Bowhill, & say I’m near her, & please send me her address. A letter addressed to me attd3/5 Gloucesters, The Drill Hall, Gloucester will find me pro tem, but I’ll send another address later. Touring the southern counties at all! My light duty only seems to consist in careering about England.

Love to all

yr loving son


Site of the military camp at Churn, 2015

Site of the military camp at Churn, 2015

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