15 December 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

15 Dec

Dear Mother    Just got 2 letters from you. My second address had nothing to do with the XX (which is right, & X seems to have worked alright on one of your letters). The second time I left out the Div, which one is supposed not to put in.

Have you mixed Topher’s & my feast up. ‘Cos we are’nt together yet! I’ve no idea if he will be transferred over or not. I shall probably be alone for Christmas, & if he’s near I’ll try & get him allowed over & he can mess with me.

I am so glad the men like the dining room. I’ve written to Jane to buy me a saddle, that bit I wrote about is’nt there after all I think. But there may be another, very rusty when I saw it last, it’s a curb & snaffle combined, please get that out somehow if it’s there, but you say nothing about my things or keys. Have they come yet. I’ve written to Marseilles about them to see if they ever started.

I’ve just remembered! What flowers grow between now & March or April? I’d like to plant some around my hospital & make the place look nice. Don’t sunflowers grow nowadays. I’d like the place to look nice later on. Also I wondered if any of these working parties of lovely ladies would like to make a red cross flag for me. Any size, bigger the better. You might send along seeds or bulbs or whatever it is grows during the next few months. No desperate hurry. You know the woollie has’nt arrived yet.

I do hope Lloyd George will put things a bit.

The rather nice parcel has’nt come yet. I expect parcels this time of year take ages.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


In one of the boxes you’ll find a tunic with dark leather buttons on, & two little brass buttons on the black tabs. Please take them out & send them to Lesley & Roberts, 16 George Street Hanover Sq.

A letter from Pitney that went to India just came.


Curb, Snaffle & Spur – 1894 book on training cavalry horses


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