15 August 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

15 Aug


August 15.


My dear Mother

Many thanks for your letter & the D.M.  Surely I asked you to send the D.M. or Daily Sketch & at the same time mentioned to you I saw the other papers at the Club if I wanted to.

Harold has not arrived yet, but I daresay the 2 parcels will roll up in time. I sent a cable too for my dress clothes, we may wear mufti again! And I’ve just bought some new uniforms. I am glad you remembered Harold’s book, how did you find it.

You did have a big house party last weekend, it must have been difficult to find food for them all but you generally come up to the scratch.

How awful for Cis Morse getting run into like that. She never married did she, funny as she was such a nice girl. I once met a great friend of hers coming out to India. An elderly man, a Capt Mac       , he was a bit dotty I fancy! & his wife & Cis were apparently great friends.

That’s quite new that search light near Guildford.

Funny Topher seeing Geoffrey by the side of the road.

Missed last mail, imagining it went later, but there’s a scheme by which you wire to the G.P.O. Bombay & they post the wire. I hope you’ll get it all right.

I played cricket last Sat with more or less success. Made 24 runs & caught a very difficult catch indeed.

Today I cadged a ride before breakfast on someone else’s pony. We have 2 dogs here now, a little Dachsund who is quite nice although an objectional breed, but of course he’s quite innocent. June & he fairly rag about.

Get Ben to send me June’s pedigree sometime when she can copy it out.

Must just write a line to Ted, I have’nt heard from him for a long time.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


Richard apparently had considerable charm. He must have needed it to overcome the ruthless selfishness which means he can ask his grief-stricken sister one month after her fiance’s death to write out his dog’s pedigree “when she can”. Sometimes it is very hard to like Richard, and this is one of those times. 

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