14 April 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

14 Apr

C/o Cox & Co


April 14th.


Dear Mother.

Very many thanks for your letter (March 15). I see you have no letter when you wrote & I daresay you got none the next time. I am wondering if you will be answering my letter from Bombay this mail or not. I’m afraid I’ll have to wait till next mail. I’m so glad you’ve been to see Jane & Chubbie & that Chubbie’s brother is pleased with his dog.

I got all the papers thanks very much, also that Tatler copy of funny pictures, I am quite popular from lending it round. Still very hot here & will get more so. I am moving into a bungalow soon I think with 3 others. At present I am in a hotel near the hospital. The bungalow is furthest away, but as I have this mo-bike it won’t matter so much.

We had the races on Monday & yesterday. It’s difficult to get a mount here as too many “pro” jockeys come up, & I am not well enough known. However I’ve had a couple, & rode a winner yesterday. It was’nt my fault I got a bad start, the starter shouted, & frightened my horse, who was very restive, & he turned clean round before I could stop him. Luckily I got him away at once & caught the others up very soon. I did’nt hurt myself when I fell off the first day, my fault for not seeing the saddle was properly put on. It was near the finish, but I could not have won or got even second anyhow, so it did’nt matter much. I’m sure Ben would have loved to have been there! I heard from Ted in Lansdowne, he’s very hard worked. Thank Ben for her letter if I don’t have time to write.

Best love to all

yr loving son


Tell Topher I think I’m quite a good hurdle racer. I’ve not done much before.

Richard Berryman - After

Richard Berryman – (probably pre-war)





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