10 September 1914 – Ted to Gertrude

10 Sep


10th Sept

Dear Mother

Still here you see, waiting to embark. We hear now we don’t sail till the 18th, so are stuck here for another week. Very trying all this waiting and knocking about doing nothing, & we’ve got very little kit. However it’s all part of the day’s work I suppose. Still I wish we could get off, we shan’t arrive in Europe till mid October now. It will be coldish I expect then. Ben has sent you an address she tells me, but it’s an Indian one, I expect. The War office has issued an address though as well, as it seems rather nonsense to have to send a letter all the way out here because it’s only got to come all the way back again.

Fairly hot here, but a nice sea breeze blows all day. There is no news, as we do nothing here all day, nothing to do, except a few parades. If you want to send me anything when we get out there, don’t forget some soap! as I expect that will be the most necessary thing. But at present I’m fairly well equipped, but as we are only allowed 35 lbs kit in the field, you can imagine we can’t take much.

I suppose all our friends in the Services have gone flying off, I hear all Guildford is out there, & people enlisting right & left.

Look out for us in the papers when the Indian expeditionary force lands, we’ve no idea where we are going to land at present, but it won’t be as I say till some time in October – Dont forget we are in the 20th Brigade 7th Division, I dont expect you’ll hear much about individual regiments when such large forces are engaged.

I’ll be able to write another mail before we leave here I expect.

Love to all

yr loving son


We are living in camp & messing [ie eating] at the club here. Very expensive! Have’nt had any mail for a long time: Ben should be getting her free ship home soon but we’ve heard nothing yet.

The trooper we are coming on is the COCANADA.


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