10 July 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

10 Jul

No 4 Ambulance train-

in the train. July 10.


Dear Mother.

Excuse this pencil, but it’s easier to write with. Many thanks for your letter June 14. I sent you a line last mail just after I had started a journey & now I am off on another. Lor the dust & the heat. Ben knows what it’s like as she had to do the same journey to get to Karachi, but it was cool then. The temp last time was 112 in the carriage & the water (you won’t believe it) which you have your bath in gets so hot from the sun, that I can only just sit down in it.

I am wondering if I shall see Ted this time. We go to Ambala & it’s not far away from him. I’ve wired him & he might possibly come down & have a                    We stay a day. There are 120 wounded natives on board. Of course they don’t mind the heat, but some Tommies just from home the other day had a rotten time of it. You ask Ben, she did the journey in a cool & clean part of the year!

Paul must have enjoyed his leave & I would have loved to have been with them all in town. I long to see that shop. I dunno’ who Miss Billie (is that it) is.

I hope Dreda enjoyed her holiday after all, anyhow the rest must have done her good. She tells me she can’t imagine she’s been only a year at the bank.

Really it is a shame about Topher’s leave. He does deserve some. I am so glad your flu is alright : Take care of yourself now, & don’t go rushing about too much. Any news of  Miss Sparrow?

I shall post this tomorrow. My lines are for a small block. Hence big margin. Thank Jane & Dreda for their letters. I will write when I have time. Best love to all

Yr loving son


“My lines are for a small block. Hence big margin.” – Richard had placed a sheet of paper with solid black lines on it under the top sheet of the block of thin writing paper he was using. This enabled him to write straight lines. in this case, the lined sheet was smaller than the writing paper.

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