7 December 1914 – Ted to Gertrude

07 Dec

Dec.7. Trenches

Just a line to say all’s well. A beastly day today, wet and windy and trenches in an awful state in consequence. Very good of Dudman’s to ask what I want, I will let them know when I’ve made up my mind, I can think of nothing at present. Have got a letter from you of 29th, so must answer it when I have time.

Not much chance of home leave just at present, but I’ll seize the first opportunity. I hope Ben & Jim fixed up my uniform all right. It’s ever so much warmer today, but I s’pose this rain will turn to snow soon. I’ve thought of a good thing the D.’s might give me; but I won’t tell you on here, the censor might’nt like it! Let me know the dates of my letters & p.c’s you get.

Love to all


The D’s were the Dudmans. The right to appoint a clergyman as parish priest did not always lie with the church authorities, in many parishes it lay with a local landowner. The Dudmans were patrons of the living of Pitney in Somerset. and had given Ted’s father, Charles Berryman, his first appointment as Rector there.


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  1. Tamsin

    8 December, '14 at 11:22

    Do we ever find out what it was he thought of for the Dudmans to get him that the censor might not have passed?
    If not it is almost as intriguing as that snippet of conversation mother overheard in a bus – “He’s very well off, he’s got two pairs of….” Sunday trousers, scissors, Purdeys, carriage horses…?

  2. Family Letters

    8 December, '14 at 21:15

    Yes indeed we do. It was a Vest Kodak Pocket Camera and some film.

    He used it for a while but he obeyed the general order not to use them at the Front which went out in 1915, so he didn’t have it for long.

    The photographs he took in France are at the IWM. We do have a couple of albums of photographs he took in Egypt and Iraq, and a couple of the photographs are good. However, Ted was better at writing than taking photographs so his photographs are really only of interest as illustrations for his letters.

    It would be worth getting the IWM to scan them, and if we do, I will add them to the appropriate letters, but that will have to be done restrospectively.


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