25 June 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

25 Jun

June 25/16

Dear Mother

The mail got in just after I’d sent off your letter last week, so I did’nt have time to answer your letter of course. Thanks very much for it, dated June 1st. Yes, I’ve only lost that one mail so far, the Sussex one, & all the others have turned up, though sometimes 2 come in one week & then next week no mails turn up at all, though latterly they have been quite decently regular. Nell numbers all her letters to me so as I can tell if any get lost, & I’ve got them all except the Sussex ones, so I must have got all yours too.

So glad Mrs Quentin approved of Nell; she met Bunchie of course in town one day at the Harris’. Where is Bunchie now I wonder; I wrote to her once from Malta, but I never got a reply.

I don’t think the English tin helmets are very becoming, do you? They seem so flat & broad brimmed; the French ones look so much neater & nattier.

What a house party you had that week-end; I heard from Nance too & she said she had been over for the day; I hope they had good times at Bognor.

Such pouring rain here still, & thunder today, two most appalling crashes about midday, frightfully loud & frightening. I had a lovely swim this morning in a big tank we have in the mess, where we collect water for the garden. It’s only full in the rains, so we always use it as a swimming bath then.

Many thanks indeed for the number of “Land & Water”; most interesting & I’m glad to see the Indian Army’s work in France duly recognised. I have’nt finished reading it yet, & I will put it in the mess for a day or two for other fellows to read, but I shan’t leave it there. Also for the Pink papers, & John Bulls etc which have all turned up regularly, & make pleasantly light reading after a heavy day’s work.

You seem to have a lot of aeroplanes over nowadays; I see a picture of poor Col Lewis in one of the papers this week. Daylight saving seems a great success everywhere; I suppose they are sure to keep it on after the war.

This is just a scribble to answer your letter; I’ll write again before the mail goes this week.

Love to all from

Your loving son


Again, it’s unclear whether “Nance” was Nancy Swan who was to become engaged to Paul early in 1917. 

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