24 February 1917 – Ted to Gertrude

24 Feb

Feb 24/17


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for a much belated mail, which arrived on Wednesday 21st and we had had none for 16 days, & then 2 arrived together. And tonight a whole lot of papers etc have just come in; gorgeous, & thanks awfully for them.

I am still a busy man all day, but I manage to get out of an evening generally. I dined with the Bingleys last Monday, Mrs Moss was there, and wanted to be remembered to you as also did Mrs Bingley. They had an amusing book there called the Hospital A.B.C, published by John Lane. I expect you’ve seen it long ago; really the pictures are most awfully well done; get one & send it to old Nell if you can, it will amuse her. Some of the V.A.D. people drawn in it are, we came to the conclusion, exactly like Maggie Davids, as of course Mrs Bingley & Mrs Moss know them too.

Otherwise I had a quietish week. I played tennis with Barbara Bingley on Tuesday, but it was frightfully hot, & we have had a shower of rain since, which has improved matters considerably & it is quite nice & cool now. But the Indian spring is a short one & soon it will be getting unpleasantly hot.

The commander in chief is coming to dine in the mess tonight, so we shall all be on our best behaviour. My bath an’ all is just ready now, so I shall have to finish this later, but I can spare a minute or two yet. I went for a very cheery drive with the Ricketts last Sunday, all along by the canal here, nice & cool & Englishy. They have been most awfully good to me I must say. There are some Red X delegates in Delhi now, Swiss people, who are touring all the allied countries looking at prisoners’ camps. One of our fellows, Patrick by name, is looking after them & trotting them round Delhi, & he brought them to dine the other night. They talk English & I did’nt air my French on them, though some of us tried! Also the Russian Consul in India, one Tomanoffski, also came to dinner. He was all through the big Russian retreat at the beginning of the war, in Poland, & was very interesting to talk to; he speaks English fluently.

I see two ‘daily Sketches’ have arrived today; thanks awfully. I should like the “Saturday Review” sent each week in Mespot – could you fix this up for me, & let me know what a year’s sub: is & I’ll send it along. I really must change now. Good night, & I hope the chief will enjoy his dinner here!

Ted continued the letter the next day

Our Hospital ABC

Review from the BJN jpg in this folder. Edith Cavell mentioned

Review in Burlington Magazine (bottom right)

Sir Charles Munro, 1st Bt, C-in-C in India

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