24 December 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

24 Dec

H.M.S. Gloucester
c/o G.P.O.



Dear Mother- Thank you most awfully for the cigarette case – it really is lovely and will be ever so useful.

We are fairly busy up here – what with one thing & another – ½ the fellows being on leave – but still it’s quite allright – but a most filthy place – one mass of mud everywhere – I am staying on board to-morrow and Sunday – because the married officers wanted to spend Christmas ashore – but I have arranged a Christmas lunch party – so shall be quite happy- I wonder if Mr Drew was down on Wednesday – or whether he got that wine – sickening he being appointed away – I shall miss him dreadfully

I’m writing with the Dudmans’ present – a stylo – really quite useful – but I hate writing with them.

Well I hope you will all have a happy Christmas & I only wish I could be home with you-

With ever so much love to you all

Your ever loving son


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