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1 November 1918 – Richard to Gertrude



My dear Mother.

I might get a mail from you any day now I fancy. A referee & a Sunday Herald arrived posted Sept 29th for which many thanks. I sent a letter saying Topher & I are quite near each other at present. I discovered him by chance. All private cables are stopped or I would have sent one to say we had met, but the one saying quite well went just before the order came out. I have’nt gone yet and am rather sick about it as I do not see how I can get to Assam now by the 23rd. Anyhow I expect to be sent any day.

Funny sending a cable quite well, ‘cos just after I for some reason got a bad throat & for the first time for many years was made to stay in bed. Could’nt swallow or smoke & generally felt rotten. However I made a rapid recovery & did not reckon on being fit even by today, but thank goodness I am.

Topher is seedy now. Rotten country eh? He’s got diarrhoea, but I went & fetched him this evening & have put him in a tent next me & got him a couple of days’ ex duty, so he will soon be alright. He’s been to Jerusalem & I expect will write to you all about it.

As I thought there is very little in the papers about our big push here, which is of course bigger than any, but perhaps not so important. However the news is so good everywhere nowadays, people must be very cheery at home.

I am trying to shed off those twopenny halfpenny olive wood table napkin rings this week, you will perhaps be able to use them on the table at Christmas time. Still very hot here, but we’ve had some rain. I must go over to Jaffa again & have a bathe, it freshens one up so, & there’s nothing like a change even for one day. Bored stiff with this place and am longing to get away.

I am waiting for No 5 letter now. Wonder if I can run across Jim or Ted in India!

I’ll keep this open & see if any letters come tomorrow.

Good night love to all   yr loving son


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Nov 1918, after Turkish surrender – Ted to Nell

Nov 1918, after Turkish surrender:

I suppose Jim has been in the show too, anyhow his regiment has, but on the other bank of the river, but we’ve heard precious little about what’s been going on there-

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1 November 1918 – Ted to Nell

Nov 1st/

I say old lady what gorgeous news about Turkey- we got it by wire today, with orders for “hostilities to cease”. Well, there is’nt anybody much left here to go on having hostilities with, as we got the lot (day before) yesterday morning- Anyhow it’s top hole news is’nt it darling, & we got our little fight in just in time- I’ve been awful busy since yesterday & have’nt had a minute to scribble to you in, except the 1st 2 pages of this letter-

By the way dear I find I’ve been officially reported wounded, so I sent you a cable today to put your mind at ease. Absurd my dear to report it, just 2 wee splinters in my hand & arm; I just had em tied up in hospital & was’nt away an hour! And they are perfectly well now- my arm was stiffish & my hand rather painful for a day or two, but I never intended to have it reported. Howver the general seems to have done so, so I hope no alarming wires will arrive home- It’s even less than I was hit in France, & that was absolutely nothing-

Here we are, within 50 miles of Mosul, & then peace with Turkey comes along- I’m terribly glad about peace, but it would have been nice to have got Mosul before would’nt it-

Wonder what’ll happen now dear, ‘spose someone’s got to stay out here & clear up; & they’ll take some of us away & find jobs for us elsewhere- By the way the Divl Genl explained the whole battle by a rough picture in the sand this morning- he showed where our Bde: was with reference to the other Bdes engaged, & said “and these are the people who won the battle & accepted the first surrenders”; very nice of him was’nt it- We got about 10,000 prisoners & 40 guns; nothing compared with what they get in France I know, but still it’s all there was to get, & you can’t do more than that!

I’m feeling much rested now- I was tired after that 9 days marching & fighting, & little sleep & tons of work & worry. But it’s been worth it Nell dear, cos it’s brought me nearer to you, cos the end of the war’s nearer now, & I feel I’ve done something to help things on- Wonder when you’ll get this dear- somewhere around new year I should think- Anyhow I love you still and always will- All my love dear girl – I want you so

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