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15 June 1918 – Richard to Gertrude



Dear Mother       I am still here & if I’d only thought of it I’d have asked you to go on writing till I wire. Goodness knows how long a wire will take but if I do go I will wire thus.


Then you’ll know I am off, & not write any more here.

The shoes are taking ages to come. I have just written to Ben.

Must catch the post

Best love to all

Yr loving son



I got Dreda’s letter

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15 June 1918 – Richard to Dreda



My dear Dreda.     Thanks awfully for your letter, I shall look forward to getting the other one later on as I shall probably have to go, worse luck. You hardly believe it, but I am quite interested in my work here. Lots of malaria cases which I know how to treat & none of these other M.Os seem to know anything about. Dysentery too. Don’t know how long my enthusiasm will last, but I shall be sorry to go. I am so glad Jane arrived back safely.

How exciting Freddy flying over and doing all those wonderful stunts. What fun if he comes to where I go, I am afraid I shall be sent away soon.

I am glad Topher has got to the A.S.C. at Aldershot. I hope he makes a success of it, he’s sure to

The brown shoes have’nt arrived yet, they should be here soon but parcels seem to take much longer than letters. I have bust that black pair I brought, least nearly through across one toe.

Gorgeous weather and the bathing is lovely, but it’s a different life altogether to the last months with you all. I did enjoy that & I’d love to get home again, but I must save up some money first.

Are you going to Sea View for your holidays I wonder. Helen is going I know.

Best love to all   I am going to wire mother “Send my watch” when I leave. Then she’ll know.

Yrs ever


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