18 August 1918 – Richard to Gertrude

18 Aug



Dear Mother. Just got a letter from you dated July 8th. Very many thanks. That crop & glasses turned up the other day, but some of those letters have been lost I am sure. I never got Paul’s for instance, you remember he said he had sent me an important letter, & you forwarded it to Cox Alexandria. My eye-glasses must have been sunk I think. I hope you have had a nice time at Totland Bay with the Morses, and the rest has done you good. Fancy Willie Wessel having been at Cordwalles. I am so glad Ben likes the little dog.

I have’nt tried to get back to Marseilles yet, doubt if I can manage it. Mrs Tudor sent me those photographs. Very good are’nt they, I must write & thank her. I had some to be developed & sent them to Cairo ages ago but they have not sent them back yet. Don’t let old Gabb fool around too much with the spot on your nose, he may burn your whole nose off. Tell him you’d like to see a skin specialist & ask him to recommend one. I know a young man who is very good, F.C. Macdonough, I think he’s in Harley Street, but I am not sure of his initial. Go to him if it does’nt get better & say, I sent you. He knows me.

I met Eric & Stella at lunch one day before I left England. He is an ass to have married her, he told me he was actually married then! I am sorry for Mrs Henderson.

It’s still very hot here. I’ve written for some bulbs & flowers to grow in the sand here! & the figs are just getting ripe. I eat them all day, you know how fond I am of them, don’t you.

The war news seems very good nowadays. I hear one of the Rgt oficers has been taken prisoner and one wounded. Good thing I am out of it eh? I got Dreda’s & Jane’s letters. I shall be writing to them soon. I want Dreda to send me a referee.

I had that racquet I told you of restrung out here. 16/- it cost, very dear eh, but much cheaper than buying a new one. I wish I was home in this lovely weather. I shall never take leave again unless it’s summer time.

Best love to all

yr loving son



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