16 August 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

16 Aug

18th Bn. (PIONEERS).


Perham Down

Dear Mother

I got to Salisbury all right today, & reported myself as ordered. They gave me orders to report to the H.Q. of the South Midland Division at Churn in Berkshire, about 10 miles from Newbury I think it is; never heard of it; have you? So I am off there tomorrow. Meanwhile I have come on to see Jim & Topher and am staying the night here with Jim. I have’nt seen Topher yet but I believe he is coming along soon.

I can’t give you any address yet, as when I get to Churn I shall get more orders to go somewhere else, & till I know exactly where I’m going it’s no good saying anything. Fancy government paying 10/- to get me to Salisbury, & about £1 to Churn perhaps, & a few more odd expenses, when a penny stamp would have told the Southern Command that I was available for duty, & another one would have told me to go to Churn instead of dragging me all down here & swanking all the way back to Churn! Absurd is’nt it! Thanks awfully for bringing that letter down to the station this morning- Jim seems very fit.

I’ll write again tomorrow & let you know my final destination. I’m afraid you won’t get this till late, as the posts out from here are a bit erratic.

Love to all

yr loving son



Ted had been granted extended sick leave until 16th August when he was ordered to report for light duties at home until fit for active service. In practice this was to mean training new recruits and Territorial soldiers at Gloucester, though as we shall see, he toured Southern England to get there. He probably travelled by train though he did acquire a motorcycle later in the summer.

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