15 March 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

15 Mar

March 15- 1916


Dear Mother

Here we are safely back in India again- I sent you a letter from the ship, but we did’nt know then where we were to go to. However shortly after I had posted your letter we got orders to return to Lansdowne; we disembarked on Sunday last & got straight into a train & arrived here today. This is Kohdwara, the end of the railway & from here we have 2 marches to get to Lansdowne-

We have had tremendous receptions everywhere- at Agra the whole civil & military population turned out, bands playing and speech making galore. We did feel fools having so much butter laid on in public. We had a big lunch at the Club and then came on here- We have been three days in the train, & are pretty sick & tired of travelling as you may imagine- We had a tremendous reception here today too, on our return to Garhwal; more speeches, mostly native this time & we’ve just had a tremendous firework display & a very good one too- And now I hear Lansdowne is preparing a tremendous show for us! Awful is’nt it. I must say people are most awfully good and they seem to think we have done wonders. Of course the regiment has made a tremendous name, & one realises it even more now we are back in India. It is gratifying to feel one’s efforts have been so appreciated.

Sorry I can’t go into more detail but I’m so frightfully busy I can’t write much. But I will tell you more next week.

I wonder how long they will keep us in Lansdowne. I fancy they won’t employ us any more just yet. I wish they would, as I feel an awful slacker, while all the others are fighting etc. Really I do, I feel I ought to be doing something, but one simply has to do what you are told. Being adjutant I must stick to the regiment as there is such heaps of work to do after a Campaign like this. I am glad for one thing, & that is that you & all at home need not have any anxiety for me for the present at anyrate; I am grateful for that- otherwise I’d much rather be on some show somewhere-

We get to Lansdowne on the 17th, so you can address letters there now. Bed time. I’m very fit and well. I’ve had no news for nearly 3 weeks of any of you, owing to the voyage etc. Hope everyone’s all right. I didn’t see Dick in Bombay, we were only there 4 hours. Lots of love to all

Yr loving son


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